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The Fixpencil®

The Fixpencil

  • Colour: available in two colours – a black base with white chequered pattern and a white base with black chequered pattern – the Fixpencil® is a mechanical pencil echoing the hexagonal shape of Caran d’Ache writing instruments.
  • Design: chequered pattern designed by Mario Botta. It can be also be used as a means of measuring: 5 tiles = 1 cm.
  • Characteristics: graphite B lead, Ø 2 mm + tube of 4 water-soluble coloured leads, Ø 2 mm.
  • Quality: like all Caran d’Ache writing instruments, the Fixpencil® Mario Botta is manufactured from start to finish in the company’s workshops in Geneva in accordance with the Swiss Made label.
  • Comfort: a hexagonal body for easy handling and unique comfort when writing.
  • Packaging: a unique gift set from Mario Botta and Caran d’Ache. Once open, the box becomes a genuine office accessory to hold the instrument and its accompanying leads.
  • Techniques for use:
    • Fine or thick lines (0.1 to 3 mm) for detail drawings, planes, shading and colours.
    • Resistant graphite B lead for quick, spontaneous sketches.
    • 4 brightly-coloured leads to be used dry or as watercolours.
  • Availability: The Mario Botta Fixpencil® will be available in Caran d’Ache boutiques and points of sale from May 2016.

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